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A Utah Tradition



City Weekly’s July 2 “Liquor & Liberty” issue elicited a response from Robert Grant [“Act Like Adults, Boozers,” Letters, July 16]—who hoped, since adulthood has supposedly been legalized in Utah, that all the papers’ “minions” will stop doing things such as causing traffic accidents, “hanging around the liquor store … asking for handouts,” “screaming profanity” and “making smartass comments about Mormons.”

In other words, typical City Weekly reader behavior. Cheers, minions!

Private club memberships are a fading memory—unlike the age-old Utah tradition of stereotyping and vilification, of which Grant’s letter is a fine example.

Hayduke’s comment captured the quintessential “gentile” response: “If Mormons stop coming to my house selling religion, I´ll stop hanging about the liquor store and asking for handouts.”

Fat Bob took time out from piloting his doomed Tie Fighter to write: “Kudos to Mr. Grant for taking time from his busy schedule of priesthood meetings, tea parties and abortion-clinic bombings to educate the unwashed on the perils of demon rum.”

Rant Control doesn’t believe that all Mormons everywhere are as deluded as Grant, although the human capacity for shortsightedness remains a constant source of amazement.

Still—assuming the letter writer is indeed a teetotaler—what the hell is he doing going to state liquor stores in the first place?