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Accidentally on Purpose


Just catching up on my City Weekly reading including John Saltas’ Private Eye column “What a Week” [Jan. 21, City Weekly]. I was at the game when Greg Ostertag made the three-pointer. The “shot” was actually an errant pass, probably an ally-oop, that happened to go in the hoop. I had an excellent view of the play from the front row of the upper deck on the end where the wayward pass struck pay dirt. You could tell by the sheepish grin and embarrassed shrug (more sheepish and embarrassed than usual, anyway), and the fact that ’Tag threw the ball instead of shooting it, that he hadn’t intended it to be a shot.

As for the Barnes Bank closure, the Tribune bankruptcy, and the Killpack DUI, well, like the Ostertag trey, they were all accidents waiting to happen.

Mark Ward

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