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Acts of Civil Disobedience



Have you ever practiced your own form of civil disobedience?

Scott Renshaw: If I could, I’d get gay-married. Damn that heterosexuality that was instilled in me by my parents and their “straight agenda”!

Jesse Fruhwirth: Sodomy was always my favorite way to disobey, but as the New Pornographers say, “It was crime at the time, but the laws have changed, yeah.”

Paula Saltas: Which law do you have to break to get the good-lookin’ cop to come to the office with a boombox, dance and take off his uniform? That’s the one for me.

Nick Clark: I can neither confirm nor deny that I have on multiple occasions expressed through disobedience the idiocy of our archaic liquor laws.

Julie Erickson: Yes, at this very moment. I respectfully ignore requests to pay $400 for each of my 23 parking tickets. I will compassionately disagree that parking three feet in front of a driveway was civil disobedience in the first place.

Jesse James Burnitt: I strongly assert my right to drink beer (or wine) in a public park, whilst walking down a sidewalk, or at a movie theater.

Rachel Hanson: Whatever law that says I need a marriage license. It’s just one more stupid hoop I have to jump through when I could be deciding other exciting things, like the color of the ribbon on our favor boxes.

Jerre Wroble: Alt-journalism can be its own brand of civil disobedience. Some of us may be law-abiding journalists who buckle up in the car and smoke 25 feet from any door, but we’re at our best when we’re questioning authority.