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Agitate For Change



I hope someone in Salt Lake City will take up this very worthy cause. I have already forwarded this letter to 345 friends of mine who are mostly of LDS background as well as being LGBT:

Since Drew Call’s stake president wants to know who Drew’s gay friends are [“Temple Termination,” March 24, City Weekly], let’s start a petition of names of Drew’s gay friends: We can get millions of gays and lesbians, their families and friends to sign this petition and deliver it to LDS headquarters, demanding all anti-gay employment discrimination be stopped immediately.

When the Nazis ordered the Jews in Denmark to wear yellow Stars of David, every Dane started wearing yellow Stars of David, including the King of Denmark, making it very difficult to impossible to distinguish between Jews and non-Jews.

Perhaps the LGBT community can create T-shirts with pink triangles on them, with the words, “I am a friend of Drew Call.”

James Kent
Hawaii chapter member of Affirmation Gay & Lesbian Mormons
Kahului, Hawaii

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