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Airport Parking Is a Cash Cow


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I’d like to respond to Hubbert Smith’s letter “No Love for Motorcycles at Airport” [March 28, City Weekly].

Mr. Smith, it’s not that the airport hates motorcycles but rather that the airport will try to squeeze every dime out of anyone and everyone who uses any of the facilities. The airport realizes it has a monopoly on commercial air travel in and out of Salt Lake City, and the public long-term and short-term parking is a cash cow.

You find yourself dismayed about the parking for motorcycles. Think about how much the airlines pay for every square foot of space they use. Also, think of the airport vendors and of the airline and vendor employees: They all have to pay for their own parking privileges.

Yes, the airport is a money-making machine, but I will say most—if not all—of the revenue stays at the airport. The city cannot use any of the money to balance any debts or shortfalls it may encounter.

Former 27-year airport employee
Salt Lake City