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Altamar, Cafe Trio & Epic Casual Dining



City Weekly reader James Israelsen has a recommendation for Mexican food. He writes: There is an amazing Mexican restaurant that is completely unknown in Sandy. It’s called Altamar (8657 Highland Dr., Sandy, 801-733-9445) and has the best, most authentic, Mexican dishes I’ve had in the valley. It compares to Molca Salsa in food quality, if not better. But, it’s a sit-down restaurant with very moderate prices. You should check it out!

CW Managing Editor Josh Loftin: Café Trio (680 S. 900 East, 801-533-8746 and 6405 S. 3000 East, 801-944-8746) has brought in some new wines for the fall, including a great patio wine, the 2008 Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fruity without being overly sweet, and it’s very crisp. Now is a great time to embrace the waning outdoor-dining days, especially on a Sunday afternoon, when the typically long wait for the downtown Trio doesn’t exist. And if you have the consistently excellent Ammie as your server, consider yourself lucky.

CW A&E Editor Scott Renshaw: Since I generally can’t get my sushi-averse wife out for the succulent seafood, I look for alternatives—like a great dish found on the menu at a recent visit to Epic Casual Dining (707 E. Fort Union Blvd., Midvale, 801-748-1300). Seared, super-rare ahi in a sesame seed crust is served with basmati rice and a magnificent spicy peanut sauce. Gather it all together, and it’s a great approximation of a spicy tuna roll.

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