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“I Am Chris Purdie”

March 6-28



Meet Utah artist and BYU student Chris Purdie. He’ll be wandering through the Sego Arts Center during a reception for his new installation, chatting with patrons about the work.

Except that the 30 identically dressed people visitors may speak with aren’t Chris Purdie. And the act of chatting about the work is the installation. In a Moebius-strip work of performance art, Purdie held more than 120 hours of conversations during the month of February with a group of actors who are also friends, preparing them for a project that plays on the idea of what people learn by talking with an artist about his or her work. The lobby of the gallery will feature a documentary about the nature of the exhibit, offering an introduction to its unique nature.

Purdie said in a press release, “The viewer will come in and have a literal dialogue with the art and the artist at the same time.” And I’ll bet you’ve never had a chance to have a piece of art talk to you about itself. (Scott Renshaw)

“I Am Chris Purdie” @ Sego Arts Center, 169 N. University Ave., Provo, 801-599-0680, March 6-28; reception March 6, 6-9 p.m. SegoArts.org

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