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Andy Barker, The Echo, Nash Bridges, Spread, The Ugly Truth

New DVD releases Tuesday, Nov. 10


Andy Barker PI: The Complete Series
A luckless accountant (Andy Richter) inadvertently becomes a private eye after moving into an investigator’s old office. Any similarities to HBO’s Bored to Death are purely coincidental, as Bored wasn’t canceled four weeks in.
The Echo
An ex-con (Jesse Bradford) gets out of prison and moves into his dead mother’s apartment; creepiness and ancient curses ensue. Based on a Korean flick of the same name—well, Sigaw, which sounds even less scary than The Echo.
Nash Bridges: Season 3
The critically acclaimed third season of the Don Johnson/Cheech Marin cop drama, with Kelly Hu, Willie Nelson, Geraldo Rivera, Robert Rodriguez and “death-metal rockers”! OK, “critically acclaimed” is a stretch …
A Hollywood man-‘ho (Ashton Kutcher) romances older rich women (like Anne Heche, not Demi Moore) to support his lavish lifestyle, but falls in love with broke waitress. The twist? She’s a ‘ho, too! Oh, young ‘ho love.
The Ugly Truth
A busy TV producer (Katherine Heigl) needs romance lessons, so her boss hires Ashton Kutcher, er, Gerard Butler, to show her how to be less of a total bitch, like that actress from Grey’s Anatomy. Based on 437 previous rom-coms.


More New DVD Releases (Nov. 10)
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