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Another Language: AnARTomy

March 27-29



Is Grey’s Anatomy letting you down this season? Do you crave something more artful and thought provoking than McDreamy’s hair? Consider attending AnARTomy, the latest InterPlay performance presented by Another Langauge Performing Arts Company.

Local performance-art wizards Jimmy and Beth Miklavcic pioneered a new species of performance art when they invented InterPlays.

An InterPlay performance employs a technique called “live real-time distributed surrealistic cinema.” Actors, dancers (Theresa Kulikowski is pictured), and other performance artists fanned out across the globe—in locations from Utah to New Zealand—interact with one another and participate in a play directed by Beth and Jimmy via cameras and Web-based technology. During an InterPlay performance, several playback windows feature footage that appears to be coming straight from the recesses of a sleeping, dreaming human mind. The University of Utah’s Intermountain Networking and Scientific Computational Center serves as InterPlay’s home base. An InterPlay production is difficult to describe, but it certainly leaves an indelible mark on each and every audience member. The Miklavcics boldy and beautifully fuse technology and performance art. How often do you get to experience the work of a team of performance artists who have received international acclaim for traversing new artistic territory? Each InterPlay is a realized dream, and this year’s surreal meditation on the mysterious beauty and power of the human body and mind is not to be missed. (Jenny Poplar)

Another Language Performing Arts Company InterPlay: AnARTomony @ University of Utah INSCC Auditorium, 155 South 1452 East, March 27-29 & April 3-5.