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Are We All Sheep?



Thanks for the article [“Paying Up,” Private Eye, June 28, City Weekly].

I agree with John Saltas’ point about people’s knowledge of politics and the scene around them. I am amazed when I ask at least one follow-up question to someone’s sound-bite comment and there is nothing to back up the preached sound bite. The claim that Obama is “taking away my freedom” or “he is not even an American citizen” are some of the classics.

Why look deeper into politics when I have my house with a fence and a couple of four-wheelers in the garage? When “stay off my lawn and leave me the hell alone” is the American war cry, why would there be change?

It’s amazing how we all complain about the way things are but are not willing to turn off American “Idle.”

I am self-employed; if I don’t produce, I don’t eat. There is no fallback for me. Luckily, I was taught about how money works. I carry no debt, and everything is paid off. What an amazing feeling. It scares me when I hear that more than 80 percent of the population would have a hard time coming up with $5,000.

My parents were scammed out of their life savings and have nothing but Social Security to live on. I know I will be supporting them. I accept that. What I don’t accept are the back-door meetings, the misleading sound bites or uneducated/informed responses. Are we all sheep?

Until we wake up and decide to do something, could you please pass me back the remote and get the hell away from the TV—Simon is mocking them again.

Thanks again for the article.

Mitchell Spence