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Army Wives, Couples Retreat, Dead Tone, Gary Unmarried, Maneater

New DVD releases Tuesday, Feb. 9



Army Wives: Season 3

The capital-D Drama continues on the base, with Denise battling marital problems, Claudia Joy battling disease, new mom Joan battling military responsibilities, Pamela battling split ends and Roxy battling country stars in her bar.

Couples Retreat

All of the funny bits from the trailers, plus 112 extra minutes of “movie” starring Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell and others you probably thought were familiar with “comedy.” Not so much.

Dead Tone

From Flavor Flav’s “Nite Tales” series (sure, you’ve heard of it), a slasher flick about fratgoon prank callers who end up on the line with a killer (Rutger Hauer, who’s apparently still alive). Upside, dead frat goons.

Gary Unmarried: Season 1

The underrated CBS sitcom starring Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall (mrrow), wherein Gary (Mohr) tries to move on after his divorce from Alison (Marshall, mrrow), but wackiness just keeps ensuing. Did I mention Paula Marshall and mrrow?


A spoiled 30-something Hollywood socialite (Sarah Chalke) desperately searches for a sugar daddy with the help of her girlfriends (including Judy Greer, the best girlfriend in everything). Men should only watch with the sound off.

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