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Art Access Gallery Francis H. Zimbeaux Fund-raiser




The Francis H. Zimbeaux Trust, in conjunction with Phillips Gallery, presents A Fund-raiser for Art Access/VSA Arts of Utah honoring the late Utah artist Francis H. Zimbeaux. For two days, more than 75 of his works will be displayed and sold to benefit Art Access programs that offer arts opportunities to those with disabilities, those who live in poverty, the elderly or refugees. Drawings, watercolor and oil paintings by Zimbeaux—whose historic placement in the history of Utah art is uncontestable—will be available for purchase Oct. 9-10. Prices are for the fundraiser only, and start at $85.

Francis Zimbeaux was born in Paris, son of painter Frank Zimbeaux, who was associated with the early Modernist movement and a friend of Matisse. An early Modernist approach can be seen in much of the younger Zimbeaux’s work, yet his creative output reaches far beyond this. Such is apparent as he paints, sketches, watercolors and ink washes canvases of a Mexican cathedral, a dilapidated farm house, cliffs under a moon, or a reclining woman among trees. Executive director of Art Access Ruth Lubbers says, “Zimbeaux’s primary departure was nature.” This can be witnessed in his landscapes, portraits, wildlife, rural subjects, figure drawing, and always with a sensibility for the mood of his subject.

Zimbeaux is unique among Utah Artists. His broad aesthetic appeal ranges from the very traditional to scenes leaning toward the avantgarde. This collection will please any art connoisseur wanting to own an important piece of Utah art from a Utah master.

Francis H. Zimbeaux Fund-raiser @ Art Access Gallery, 230 S. 500 West #125, 801- 328-0703, Friday, Oct 9, 6-9 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 10, 10 a.m.-5p.m.