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Artistically Resolved

Members of the Utah arts community share their 2019 artistic resolutions.



Folks who are dedicated to creating art can't always find the time to enjoy it—but both of these can be part of an artist's aspirations for 2019. City Weekly asked prominent leaders in the local artistic community about their resolutions.

Derek Dyer
Executive Director, Utah Arts Alliance (

In 2019, one of my big art resolutions is to createDreamscapes,a new immersive art attraction in Salt Lake City. This project is partially inspired by projects such as Meow Wolf in Santa Fe and teamLab Digital Art Museum in Tokyo. Our team at Utah Arts Alliance created a temporary version of theDreamscapesimmersive art attraction at the ILLUMINATE Light Art and Creative Tech Fest in November to test the concept. Over the two days of the event, it was visited by over 8,000 people and had a waiting time of over one hour. I believe Salt Lake City is ready for a world-class art attraction like this, and we are hoping to launch phase one ofDreamscapesin 2019.

Tori Baker
Executive Director, Salt Lake Film Society (

I resolve to foster innovative storytellers oftomorrow.How we consume stories is evolving. Artists that are technology- and animation-based really want to stretch storytelling and how it's done in the digital age.I want to learn everything I can from them.Virtual reality as an art form is super interesting to me, so I intend to learn what I can and participate more in opportunities at local arcades and VR experiences.

Adam Sklute
Artistic Director, Ballet West (

This year, aside from hoping to lose a few pounds, my resolution will be all about letting things go—both literally and figuratively. I have always been a bit of a "packrat"; I keep everything from programs, birthday cards and notes, to dance and music publications. I am resolving to empty out my closets and cabinets and hopefully, in the process, clear my head, heartand soul to be open for the future.

Shannon Hale
Author, The Goose Girl, The Princess in Black series (

I grew up doing live theater. But once we started a family, there were more than 10 years when we had kids too young to sit through a play. Finally, our youngest are old enough to enjoy it, and I resolve to take them to as many plays and musicals as possible!

April and Mark Fossen
Actors and Theater Professionals

April: I realized in 2018 that the time I spend in the theater—which is a lot, as audience member and practitioner—is practically the only time I'm engaging with the arts. In 2019, I hope to cast my net a little wider. I'd like to visit local art galleries, listen to the symphony, maybe hit up a rock concert or two, see some film, partake of culinary creations at local distilleries and restaurants. What am I missing? That's what I want to do!

Mark: My arts resolution for 2019 is the same as it often is: See more local art outside of theater. Like so many years, I suspect I will fail because there's just so much theater to see. I usually see about 50–60 productions a year, and 2019 looks no different. I am eagerly anticipating shows likeSweatat Pioneer Theatre Co.,An Evening with Two Awful Menat Plan-B,Gloriaat Ogden's Good Co. Theatre,Edward IIat An Other Theatre Co. in Provo,West Side Storyat the Grand,The Cakeat Salt Lake Acting Co., another Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival and many more. Sorry other art forms: One day I will see less theater and explore all we have to offer. But it might not be 2019.

Tony Weller
Owner, Weller Book Works(

Read for 30 minutes every day. Ask persons you esteem which books are most influential in their lives, and read those books. Browse in physical bookstores where serendipity can thwart your preferences. Keep reading when you become confused. Read hard books out loud. Speed up when the mind wanders. Permit what you read to influence your beliefs. Buy from locally owned companies to resist growing corporate homogeneity. Internal monologues program sensibilities; speak to yourself stories with kind words and fair judgements.

Crystal Young-Otterstrom
Executive Director, Utah Cultural Alliance (

1. Enjoy my season tickets to Utah Symphony/Utah Opera, Plan-B Theatre, NOVA Chamber Music Series, Utah Chamber Artists and (of course) Salty Cricket Composers Collective. 2. Write at least two pieces of music. (I usually only write one per year, so sad.) 3. Enjoy the premiere of my piece Five at Next Ensemble in Ogden on Jan. 10. Also spend more time immersed in Ogden's explodingcultural scene. 4. Experience a Moab Music Festival grotto concert and weekend with my concert-going girlfriends. 5. Go to a gallery stroll in three cities at least three times. 6. Read five books by Utah authors. 7. Spend at least two weekends at Utah Shakespeare Festival. 8. Spend a weekend exploring Logan's cultural scene. 9. Spend a weekend exploring St. George's cultural scene. 10. See at least two Sundance movies (it's always hard, because it's right at the beginning of the legislative session). 11. Get more theater in, to enjoy the likes of Pioneer Theatre Co., both Hales, Sackerson, CenterPointe and more. 12. And obviously, I need more dance this year. Ririe-Woodbury, Repertory Dance Theatre, Salt, you name it!