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Atheist-Mormon Affinity


Sean Gallacher wrote a letter to City Weekly suggesting that satirizing Mormons like Broadway’s The Book of Mormon does is kind of trite [“Laughing at Atheists,” April 21, City Weekly]. Gallacher asked, why not satirize atheists? 

Aboo Caprawalie was incredulous that atheists—who rarely formally proselytize—have the raw material for decent comedy.

“I am a seventh-day atheist and welcome any satire targeting my lack of belief in an almighty, angels, saints and miracles,” Aboo Caprawalie said. “I think a satire on atheists will probably offend believers, as it may be more of a spoof on them than the nonbelievers.”

linked to a video in which Australian comic John Safran does some door-to-door proselytizing on behalf of atheism—quoting Darwin and XTC’s ’80s pop hit “Dear God” along the way. But it makes fun of missionaries, not atheism.

But atheist JC manages to emphasize. 

“Both Mormons and atheists are very misunderstood. Both have big problems with PR and portrayals in the media, and both tend to be very well-read on the subject of theology,” JC wrote. “So I tend to commiserate ... when people make fun of Mormonism, though I admit I have very little intellectual respect for their beliefs.”

Empathy lacking respect: And they say there’s no material for satirizing atheists!