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Australian Dining Terms



When having a chat with Matilda’s Peter Osuchowski, you’re in for a conversation peppered with Aussie slang. So it helps when trying to interpret the Matilda’s menu or talking to Peter to take a crash course in lingo from Down Under. Here are some important terms to know:

Banana Bender: A Queenslander (use with caution).

Bag of fruit: A man’s suit.

Boddy-dazzler: The greatest—as in, Matilda’s Pavlova is boddy-dazzler.

Bo-peep: To look at something. “I’d like to bo-peep the wine list, please.”

Cheese & Kisses: Slang for wife, the missus.

Chooks: Chickens—like, Kentucky Fried Chooks.

Come the raw prawn: To impose upon or deceive someone: “Don’t come the raw prawn with me, mate!”

Cossie: A swimsuit. No cossies allowed in the restaurant.

Damper: Unleavened bread baked in a campfire.

Dead horse: Sauce, particularly tomato sauce.

Fair dinkum: Genuine, the real deal. Matilda’s Lamington is fair dinkum.

Grog: Alcoholic beverage.

Grouse: Outstanding: “This grog is grouse!”

Heart starter: First alcoholic drink of the day.

Joey: A baby kangaroo.

Jumbuck: A sheep.

Loaf: Head—as in, “Use your loaf, mate!”

Lollies: Candy.

Pat Malone: Slang for “alone.” “I’m eating Pat Malone this evening.”

Tucker: Food. Fans of Matilda’s say the tucker there is grouse!

Quote of the week: One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. —Luciano Pavarotti

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