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Author! Author!



After Scott Renshaw’s June 11 review (“The Weirdest Two Years”) of the Evan Lord novel 2,’s comment board filled up quickly with glowing praise—perhaps a bit too quickly for a book review.

In fact, Rant Control would be downright suspicious if I weren’t enjoying the book so much. The big tip-off with amateur publicity hounds is that they can’t avoid coming off like movie-poster blurbs:

“Prepare yourself to think some thoughts you never thought your mind would entertain before—hypnotic, entrancing, bizarre and spill-your-drink kind of funny.” - ShawnLorenzoYork

“This book has blown my mind!” –PeaceLover

“Truly a magical book.” –MagicalMary

“I just can’t put it down.” –Jake the Great

Entertainment Weekly

OK, I put that last one in myself. But, like I said—even though the book is a good read, if I were more cynical, I might think these comments were from the author’s relatives—all except this one (which I would cynically assume to be a put-on):

“This is my daddy´s book!” –Godis