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Bailout View From Prison



Bailout View From Prison

I think executives of banks who give themselves huge bonuses with stimulus-package money should forfeit their cash and their belongings and be prosecuted. It’s theft. It’s stealing. It’s mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. These people should be serving time. Why do people who make $20,000 to $90,000 per year pay more taxes than people who make, say, $250,000-plus per year? I’m confused and don’t understand.

I’m in prison for theft, business burglary, fleeing possession, etc.—basic dopefiend behavior. And I deserve to be locked up, no doubt.

Still, my path of destruction cost, at most, $50,000. I’ll bet a parole date that a desk and rug in one of these bank offices cost more than that—and maybe that desk and rug were bought with stimulus-package money.