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Bake & Beg for Health Care



I’m so proud of Rep. Jim Matheson and the other Blue Dog democrats. These brave politicians are saying “no” to health-care reform and standing up for those institutions and people that make America great: insurance companies, Big Pharma and the ultra-rich.

And shame on those who say that Blue Dogs have yellow bellies. Just because Matheson and his friends receive millions in campaign contributions from insurance companies doesn’t mean that they’re simply lapdogs who always heel on command.

So, quit whining, you liberal weenies! Why not put on a bake sale to pay for your health care, like everyone else? Sell two or three thousand cupcakes, and you’ll have a nice down payment on one chemotherapy treatment or a colostomy bag.

Learn to bake and beg, and you’ll have all the health care you ever need.

J. Brian Larsen