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Bar Wahooing

Bye-bye, private clubs.



Assuming private clubs really do go away, what’s the first place you’d visit and go, “Wahoo!”?

Nick Clark: I would go wahooing on a dive-bar pub crawl to all the places I’ve wondered about but never wanted to pay $15 a pop to try out.

Jennifer Nixon: I’m not sure if I have ever officially become a “member” of any of our fine private clubs. Maybe I should run out and buy some memberships before the laws change. Then, in a celebratory “wahoo,” I can rip them to shreds and toss them in the air!

Jesse James Burnitt: Wahoo to the Bayou! Then, I’d like to plan a night of knocking on doors. Hit every former private club in town and drink a soda. Just to see if the morality police are really going to be tracking all those proposed scanners.

Brandon Burt: My favorite private club is so exclusive Sen. John Valentine himself can’t get his meddling nose in the door: my own home. The drinks aren’t watered down, smoking is allowed and, since I sleep there, I don’t have to worry about a bunch of late-night coppers trolling for DUIs. In your face, Legislature!

Julie Erickson: I’ll frequent every bar in Utah! A no-membership rule sounds absolutely dreamy. Oh, and absolutely normal—in every other state except Utah.

Annie Quan: Son of a gun, I just bought new memberships to Trapp (not Trapp Door) and Urban Lounge. I’d have to go whoop it up at both to get my money’s worth.

Susan Kruithof: Any place my all-important, “Don’t you know who I am?” City Weekly get-into-the-bar-free card never worked.

Bill Frost: I’m actually opening my own private club, where no one under 30 is allowed in. It’ll be called The F-U Bar.

Ben Rosch: I was thinking that it would be best to run through Temple Square in less-than-appropriate clothing yelling, “Wahoo!” Then, go straight to Johnny’s on Second for a warming drink.

Ted Scheffler: Well, I’m a little ashamed to admit this. But, even though it’s just a few doors up from the City Weekly offices, I’ve actually never set foot in Cheers to You. So I guess I’d wahoo there.