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Hoot, holler and know The Rules



If a bar has a list of rules like, “No hooting or hollering” or, “No fighting or talking about fighting,” you have to try your best to not rip your shirt off and whip it around your head, screaming, “Boomshakalaka, who wants some?!” Though these are some of the rules listed on the menu at Bar-X (155 E. 200 South, 801-355-2287), the classy patrons of this upscale joint seemingly have no problem behaving themselves, even when resident DJ J Godina is on the decks. Every Monday evening, this local crate-digger hand selects the finest funk and soul jams from his massive personal collection of more than 10,000 records and throws down a 100 percent all-vinyl party for you choosy cocktail sippers. While you’re there, try the $9 handmade cocktails, like the Monkey Gland (gin, orange juice, grenadine and absinthe) and—if you want to hoot and holler—the Rum Buck (rum, lime, house ginger beer and angostura bitters).

Benefit of tiny drinks: huge-looking hands.
Dan Speciale, Adrianna Anderson, Eric Freel

A well-behaved soccer hooligan.
David Rainey, Emily Rainey

It must be difficult to carry all that manhood on his face.
Jake Gunderson, Shawn LeBoutillier

$1.50 tacos from 3 Brothers Tacos food truck are this good.
Alicia Lambert, Ben Christiansen, Jill Newsome

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