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Be Afraid



The Mormon Church, its top leaders, its richest members and the vast majority of lay Mormons are an important segment of a real anti-Christ: That conspiracy between 1. big corporations; 2. the other, ever-greedier, thieving, amoral filthy-rich; 3. their well-compensated, corrupt, amoral lackeys—mostly in politics (mostly Republicans, but not exclusively), government and religion; and 4. the indoctrinated “useful idiots” (i.e., teapartiers) who support them against their own and society’s best interests.

They are all involved in continuing to steal the wealth and power of the middle class, the poor and their designated scapegoats (i.e. LGBTs, Muslims, other non-Christians, Hispanics, blacks, other non-whites, undocumented immigrants, women, the poor, the disabled, the elderly, abortion providers and anyone remotely associated with them, union workers, public employees, real scientists and historians and anyone who overtly supports them, objective news outlets and reporters, and those who support the rights of all—the liberals/progressives)—as well as destroying the environment so those filthy-rich and their amoral lackeys can get even richer and more powerful.

The Mormon part of this conspiracy can’t be overstated. Top Mormon leaders (primarily the “General Authorities”) are chosen specifically because they are wealth- and power-worshipping corporate fascists—everything Jesus condemned in both the rich and the Pharisees.

Even worse, these fallible sinner-leaders and their fallible sinner-followers believe that these leaders are virtually infallible and god-like, even well on their way to becoming actual gods. They even have this gimmicky, drone-like way of giving sermons and speeches that is designed to show sincerity, profundity and spirituality, and these indoctrinated Mormon masses blindly eat up their many gimmicks.

It all makes them far more capable of doing, and causing others to do, evil (i.e., the Mountain Meadows Massacre). They pose a very real and growing threat to this country in their quest to turn it into a pseudo-Christian (i.e., an imposed, brutal, Sharia-like law), pseudo-patriotic, corporate/fascist state run by and for the filthy-rich and their well-compensated amoral lackeys.

All charity by the Mormon Church itself is done for propaganda purposes using a cost-benefit analysis; the Mormon Church and its leaders don’t give a s—t about the poor and needy except as potential future members who they can then “tithe,” thereby further increasing their profits and power.

I don’t think others are nearly as scared as they realistically should be, so they don’t have sufficient motivation to stop them. I’m somewhat encouraged by the protests going on now on Wall Street and spreading across the country. I hope these growing protests around the country are effective. If not, it won’t be long before the Nazi teapartier Repubs, including the Mormons, will mow us down like the Chinese did the nonviolent protesters in Tiananmen Square. Their “Second Amendment Remedies” mean exactly this.

Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City