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Be Fair, Frost



It is a difficult job to separate one’s personal opinions and be a fair critic. In his constant calumny, both in City Weekly and on X96 radio, over the television show Dance Your Ass Off, Bill Frost has failed miserably [“Fried,” True TV, July 16].

This is a society where, on one side, fad diets and unreasonable surgeries are embraced to control weight loss and, on the other side, we are presented with unrealistic, size-zero beauty. It is refreshing to have a show that presents the undeniable fact that healthy diet and exercise are the keys. I heard Frost call this show exploitive. I find nothing exploitive about presenting these contestants a solution to a lifelong struggle that may very well save their lives.

The only argument he has given for this show being awful is that it has fat people dancing. It seems to me Frost is the one with the problem. Maybe he would be better served to turn off his television.

Part of being a critic is to critique. It is not to chastise because of your own personal issues with the subject matter.

Mary Becker
Salt Lake City