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Begin Again, Behaving Badly

New DVD/VOD releases Tuesday, Oct. 28


Begin Again (TWC)
  • Begin Again (TWC)

Begin Again
A songwriter (Keira Knightly) splits from her douche-y boyfriend (douche-y Adam Levine) after he lands a record deal, but soon catches the ear of a music exec (Mark Ruffalo) in this romantic period flick about the dead recording industry. (TWC)

Behaving Badly
A high-schooler (Nat Wolff) takes a bet that he can sleep with the Popular Girl (Selena Gomez) by ... Arbor Day? Also starring, inexplicably, Mary-Louise Parker, Patrick Warburton, Heather Graham, Gary Busey and (!) Justin Bieber. (Vertical)

Life of Crime
A kidnapped wife held for ransom (Jennifer Aniston) learns that her wealthy husband (Tim Robbins) already has a young mistress (Isla Fisher) to replace her. Based on an Elmore Leonard novel and plain ol' common sense. (Roadside Attractions)

Outlaw Prophet
Fundamentalist Mormon prophet Warren Jeffs (Tony Goldwyn) marries all of his dead father's wives and takes control of his polygamist following. Based on a true story a certain church's PR branch would just like you to forget about already. (Sony)

Wish I Was Here
A failed actor (Zach Braff) winds up home-schooling his kids and, through the miracle of the twee indie-rock soundtrack, learns even more about himself. It's like Garden State a decade later—no, literally, it's Garden State a decade later. (Focus)

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