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Belligerence Is Adrift


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Can this be true? City Weekly has been sold [“Sold His Soul,” Cover, April 1]? The editor has left the building? Who now will speak for us? Who will carry on the mission of ridiculing and belittling Utah’s bicyclists? Who will publish the follow-up anti-cyclist hate mail from us, the belligerent Utah motorists? Whom will we turn to?

Dan Taylor

Editor’s note: The April 1 features “End of an Era,” “Sold His Soul” and “End Times” may have led readers to believe that founder John Saltas had sold City Weekly to the LDS Church. The paper has not been sold; Saltas remains involved with the paper. Since we published this issue on April 1, we couldn’t resist an April Fools’ Day prank. To readers whom we caused great upset, we apologize. To everyone else, we hope you enjoyed our passing whimsy.


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