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Bell's Deli and Cookbooks



City Weekly reader Dena Richardson loves the food at Bell’s Deli. She writes: “Bell’s Deli (1207 W. 4800 South, 801-262-1211) in Taylorsville has THE best burgers and fresh-cut fries in town! Not only are they cooked when you order them, but they’re cooked exactly how you want them. And Phyllis, the owner and chef, is the best! It’s a little off the beaten path, but well-worth finding it! Oh and not to mention her KILLER-size chocolate chip cookies. They’re the biggest I’ve found anywhere!”

City Weekly’s managing editor Josh Loftin knows where to find classic cookbooks. He says, “The basement bargain bins in Sam Weller’s Bookstore (254 S. Main, 801- 328-2586) can be a treasure trove of ‘classic’ cookbooks for those willing to put in the effort. Yes, there are way too many fad books—dozens of microwave gourmet books, for example—but there are also cookbooks that are timeless. Case in point: Classic Spanish Cooking with Chef Ef. I had never heard of Chef Efrain Martinez until I saw this book, although he has had shows on PBS and Food Network. This book is only about 15 years old, but is one of those cookbooks that could have been written a century ago and still have relevance a century from now. It’s also educational without being preachy. It divides Spain into its distinct regions and describes each in great detail, focusing on the regional foods and wines as well as what role food played in the overall culture. Plus, he provides a paragraph introducing every recipe, including its origin and some cooking tips. It’s the kind of cookbook that is extremely valuable for hobbyist chefs like myself, instead of just being pretty with recipes that are impossible to cook outside of a professional kitchen.”

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