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Bending (Yoga) Over Backward


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The Jan. 6 cover story about the business of yoga, “Yoganomics” by yours truly, prompted several to ponder the benefits of yoga beyond bank accounts and firm yoga butts.

“I entered into the yoga world 4.5 years ago purely to look better. I soon found that yoga opened a whole bunch of doors for me, emotionally and spiritually,” Howie O wrote. “Regardless of how [yoga] trends in the marketplace matters very little to the core foundation of the yoga community. Long before me was yoga, long once I am gone yoga will still be.”

“That’s deep, Howie,” responded Duke. “But how do you look these days? All stretched out and sexy?” Howie O, unfortunately, did not post an update.

“As I make new promises to my physical self for the new year—like losing the 8 pounds I have accumulated—this yoga class reminds me that it is all about being nice to my body,” Pattipo wrote. “It is so easy to get mean about letting myself ‘go.’ Yoga is like a massage—pure pleasure, even in the pain—inside and outside.”

“Whatever wonderful benefits yoga offers, don’t look for them if you live west of the freeway in the city,” Mammiejane wrote, referring to the dearth of studios available on the Salt Lake Valley’s west side.

At least one commenter new to yoga would prefer to skip the philosophy.

“I suppose I could use a good stretch,” Hayduke wrote. “[But] I’m definitely not interested in picking up metaphysical gems from local yoga instructors/gurus.”