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Best in Show: animal art

Friday June 18



No, it’s not the movie with the Fred Willard malaprops; it’s a just-as-cleverly-named art exhibit with a portion of the proceeds benefiting No More Homeless Pets in Utah. To inspire compassion toward animals as well inspire aesthetic awe, the show is themed to feature a wide assortment of critters, from the feline and canine to the feathered flyers and finned.

Some of the artists are known for depictions of endearing animals, such a Leia Bell’s whimsical characters in her indie rock posters. Others—like Lenka Konopasek, who usually paints expressionistic canvas with political themes—are taking on subject matter that might be unfamiliar to their usual audience (her “Friend 3” is pictured). But all the works speak to the impulse of humans and animals to forge a bond of friendship.

In these appeals for assistance to less fortunate fellow creatures, the collection also makes a bid to create a bond with new art. The day after, NMHP is offering your pet a complementary sitting courtesy of Art & Mary Photography. 

Best in Show @ Alpine Art, 430 E. South Temple, 801-355-1155, June 18, 5–9 p.m.

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