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Best of Utah

Best of Utah 2012: Faves & Raves

Best of Utah winners past & present share some of their own personal picks



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Chris’ Favorite Ocho Column
Bill Frost
City Weekly’s Bill Frost is known for his TV and Ocho column and for receiving numerous awards from readers such as Best Columnist. ABC 4’s Chris Vanocur, winner of Best TV News Reporter multiple years, wrote his own Ocho explaining the origins of Frost’s Ocho:
Eight reasons why Bill Frost writes the best Ocho column in Utah:
8. One word: peyote.
7. Needed another job after leaving heavy-metal band Celtic Frost.
6. No one else writes one.
5. It is actually written by the Druids at Stonehenge.
4. He is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really twisted.
3. Found a Top 10 list too taxing.
2. He gave up drinking.
1. It is a chick magnet!

Ali’s Favorite Mediterranean
Ali Sabbah, owner of Mazza
and BOU winner for Best Middle Eastern for the 11th year running, considers Aristo’s the best Greek food in town. Aristo’s, winner of Best Greek since 2005, is where you can enjoy an authentic meal “any time. ... Aristo does a phenomenal job, especially with his appetizers. His skordalia (garlic dip) and merides (deep-fried smelts) are phenomenal.”
224 S. 1300 East, Salt Lake City, 801-581-0888,

Joe’s Favorite Burger
Lucky 13
From a former VFW post to a biker bar, Lucky 13 has become a favorite spot to grab a drink and watch favorite sports teams. It’s not only drinks that Lucky 13 offers—it’s the rising fame of their incredible burgers, which have won BOU awards the past two years. “Any of their burgers are hearty and tasty,” says Joe Mandl of Blue Plate Diner (past BOU winner for Best Breakfast, Best Inexpensive and Best on the Cheap).
135 W. 1300 South, Salt Lake City, 801-487-4418,

Ben’s Favorite Locals to Follow on Twitter
Nineveh Dinha, Max Roth, Bill Frost
“I’ve got a three-way tie for my personal best local picks," says Fox 13’s Ben Winslow, who readers voted Best Local on Twitter in 2011 and 2012 for his useful stream of headlines, info, links, retweets and snark. His faves? “My deskmate @NinevehDinha, who enlightens and amuses me with everything from her news updates to what she’s eating for dinner (with pics!). I always love to see @maxroth’s political observations. But there’s a special place in my Twitter feed for @Bill_Frost, who consistently makes me LOL (and sometimes ROFLMAO!) with his take on the news. For a news junkie, that stuff is epic p3wnage.”

Mark’s Favorite Radio
Oldies 94.1
Mark Koelbel, anchor of KUTV 2’s No. 1
nightly news broadcast, is also an accomplished drummer and repeat BOU winner. When he tunes in, he turns to Oldies 94.1 at the end of a tough news day. “I’m a music junkie, and I listen to 94.1 all day at work because I like the ’70s songs and stuff I grew up with,” he says.

Richie’s Favorite Radio Shows
KUER’s RadioWest & KRCL’s Maximum Distortion
When Richie T. Steadman is not busy producing Utah’s longest-running morning radio show (and perennial BOU winner), X96’s Radio From Hell, he’s been known to dial in to other locally produced radio shows. “Doug Fabrizio’s RadioWest selects excellent topics, and I like that he goes places other people don’t go,” he says. “He dives deeper. He is very likable and relates well to his guests and listeners and asks the questions that I want to know.” Steadman also likes KRCL’s Maximum Distortion “because they are passionate. The show is really entertaining, and you can hear that they are doing it because they love to inform the public.”
KUER’s RadioWest, 90.1 FM, 801-585-9378,
KRCL’s Maximum Distortion, 90.9 FM, 801-363-1818,

Aristo’s Favorite Small Restaurant
Ekamai Thai
For tried-and-true Thai dishes, Ekamai delivers every time, serving fresh and fast take-out cuisine. With a likeable and friendly owner, Woot Pong Sawan, the entire ambiance is incredibly genuine. “It’s fresh, it’s owner-operated and it’s authentic food,” says Aristo Boutsikakis, owner of Best Greek winner Aristo’s. “You know you’re getting the best food around because the owner’s hands are involved. It’s about the passion.”
336 W. Broadway, Salt Lake City, 801-363-2717,