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Best of Utah Music 2015 Winners

Meet the champs: Fictionist, House of Lewis and J Godina



We might have organized Best of Utah Music, but it was all of the incredible bands, rappers and DJs—and everyone who attended the showcases—who made this year's competition our best yet. And although everyone brought a level of effort to the stage that they should be justifiably proud of, three nominees came out on top.

The Best Band, Best Rap Group and Best DJ were decided by a complex tallying of in-person votes at each showcase and scores given by our experienced judges. This year, Fictionist, House of Lewis and J Godina walked away victorious.

They're prime examples of the kind of talent found in Utah's local music scene, which is continually growing. That diversity is why we've expanded Best of Utah Music beyond bands in recent years, and why we're especially thrilled to offer all the winners an opening gig at the Twilight Concert Series, where thousands of music lovers will get a taste of Utah's musical talent.

Read about the winners (and City Weekly-picked honorable mentions) in the following pages, then head to for a complete rundown of the two-week musical extravaganza. And mark your calendars for February 2016. If you thought this year's Best of Utah Music was great, just watch: Next year, we'll find a way to top it.

Best of Utah Music Editor: Kolbie Stonehocker

Best of Utah Music Event Coordinators: Jackie Briggs, Nicole Enright

Showcase Judges: L'anarchiste, Better Taste Bureau, Jesse Cassar, Chaseone2, Dom Darling, DJ Flash & Flare, King Niko, Court Mann, DJ Matty Mo, Max Pain & the Groovies, Darcie Roy, Royal Bliss, Gavin Sheehan, Nate Syncronice, Mr. Jesse Walker, Westward the Tide, Colin Wolf

Photos taken by Niki Chan at The Depot