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Betting on Death


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I just read on that any talk and debate on single-payer and public option is dead, again. That makes this connection even more critical in understanding (and preparing for) the future of health care in our CSA: Corporate States of America.

Just when I thought American capitalism couldn’t get any meaner, I read Ralph Nader’s Oct. 15 “Rolling the Dice Again” in The Progressive Populist. It bares the cruel reptilian souls of the ruling class, most notably the investor, bank and insurance firms of Wall Street. These same firms that ruined the economy with incomprehensible bundled-mortgage schemes now want to do the same with life-insurance policies.

Please note that the same corporations selling life insurance also sell health insurance. Please note again that many also sell investment portfolios and are all part of the Wall Street cartel that received TARP funds either directly or through back-door deals.

The way these investments work is that the younger the policy-holder is when he or she dies, the greater the payoff. If a policyholder lives beyond the statistically “expected years,” the investor loses money.

If corporations can profit grandly from clients dying early, the last thing they would want is a healthy population living longer. They already make huge profits taking premiums and denying treatments. Now they want to create another means to profit when you die early because treatments were denied. This is why they are fighting so hard to keep medical decisions in their hands and it is why this cannot continue.

It looks like the worst ideas will prevail in the end. My only advice is to refuse to cooperate. Send all your fine notices to your alleged representatives and senators. Send them unpaid medical bills that you can’t afford anyway and certainly never vote for anyone affiliated with either of the two constitutionally established mobs.