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Bicyclist Respect



Do you appreciate how so many bicyclists respect bike lanes and pedestrians (or do they)?

Nick Clark: I’m sorry; my little route called Main Street doesn’t have a bike lane!

Derek Jones: For the most part, the cyclists I see respect the rules. My big issue is that a lot of them don’t wear helmets! This I will never understand, because I’d never trust a Salt Lake City driver.

Rachel Scott: Three feet of clearance in Utah is a joke—it’s like men who claim to have nine inches.

Susan Kruithof: Bicycle riders seem to be the rudest mofos around. But then again, if you’re not aggressive out there on the streets, you’re probably dead.

Jeff Reese: I think you also have to ask yourself how many horrible drivers you have seen. They talk on their phones, cut each other off and almost never see bikers. In some cases, not respecting a bike lane is a good way to avoid being hit by someone on his/her cell phone.

Julie Erickson: The word “respect” stands out the most here. How about some respect for the Earth, and future generations that have to deal with the mess you create with your car?

Josh Loftin: As long as they’re not on bikes stolen from City Weekly staffers, I don’t care where they ride.

Ben Rosch: It seems to be about half and half. The ones who do, I applaud you. The ones that don’t, I just want to run you over.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Run-ins with rude bikers are like four-leaf clovers: You remember them well because they’re so exceptional. It’s easy to forget the millions of three-leaf clovers that you never notice to begin with.

Jesse James Burnitt: As a commuting cyclist, I’m very appreciative of all the bike lanes in town. And more pedestrians means fewer cars. Much respect!

Jerre Wroble: I look forward to the day that our roadways are Amsterdam-ish with bikes. ’Till then, it’s hell on wheels.