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Bicyclists Gone Wild


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Thanks for “Future Dead People” [Private Eye, Jan. 28, City Weekly]. It’s a discussion that’s long overdue.

I can’t describe the numerous occasions I’ve narrowly avoided an out-of-control bicyclist violating stop signs or engaging in totally bizarre behavior. My favorite location for such acts is the intersection at 11th Avenue and I Street, a four-way stop for all traffic. I’ve witnessed bicyclists cruising along 11th, their heads down, oblivious to the intersection and the cars proceeding from their stops, riding straight through—without even slowing down. Or jamming down the I Street hill full-blast through the stop sign while cars slam on their brakes to avoid them.

As a bike rider myself, I fear getting creamed by a motorist who is frustrated and angered by encounters with rude bicyclists. One solution would have cops start issuing tickets to such bicyclists, which may finally make them aware that they have traffic responsibilities, as well.

Sherm Clow
Salt Lake City


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