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Bitter Pill to Swallow



Utah Attorney General John Swallow, the state’s “top cop,” needs to educate himself on ethics, find a moral compass en route and abandon ship.

To make matters worse, he’s close friends with Gayle Ruzicka, the moral crusader. It seems no matter what they dig up on this guy (scandalous behavior, vacations to plush resorts on someone else’s dime, more perks from the jerks), he still won’t resign.

Swallow and Mark Shurtleff were in prosecution proceedings with the criminals. When asked about the favors, Swallow said he’s done nothing wrong. Well, you haven’t done anything right for a while, either.

Then, there are the current issues with ex-boss Shurtleff. That’s where it gets really messy. Shurtleff handpicked Swallow to be his successor. He is his friend and his mentor. Shurtleff cannot distance himself enough from Swallow, no matter how far he moves away. He was his leader, the brains and the brawn. He made things happen and he got his way. And he was smart enough to take a close look in the medicine-cabinet mirror and walk away just in time to flush the bitter pill down the drain.

Salt Lake City