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Black Death!

8 "Ebola Outbreak" headlines to avoid clicking



8. "This Little Boy Thinks He Has Ebola. What He Does Next Destroys Obamacare and Atheism Forever"

7. "Sponsored: 10 Mostly Disease-Free Vacation Destinations"

6. "Could Ebola Wipe Out Half of Utah's Population? The Answer Might Surprise Complete Idiots"

5. "Glenn Beck: 'I'm Not Saying This Is How The Walking Dead Started ... But I Haven't Read the Comic'"

4. "Buzzfeed: 45 Adorable GIFs of Cats' Reactions to the Impending Global Pandemic"

3. "Country Music's Biggest Stars Band Together for Benefit Concert: 'Skoal Presents: Say No-Ta Ebola'"

2. "Sponsored: This New Ebola-Detection App Could Save Your Life—and $$ on Insurance!"

1. "Officials Warn Media Against Inciting Ebola Panic: What Aren't They Telling Us About Black Death 2014?"


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