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Nine implications coming from the confirmation of general theory of relativity.

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9. Trump's presidency, also once thought be an improbable theory, is confirmed as viable.

8. "I really did text you back, it's just all those black holes, man."

7. All of the girls who friend-zoned those physics majors will feel some serious regret.

6. We might finally learn what the fox says.

5. With the new detection abilities, Stephen Hawking will be revealed to have been an advanced drone for all these years.

4. Guy Fieri's theory of general edibility will be put to the limits as we are able to study those stars that he swears are made of string cheese with a more precise methodology.

3. The term "It's all relative," will take on new meaning, but no one is completely sure what that meaning is.

2. The writers from The Big Bang Theory will finally have new material.

1. #BlackHolesMatter will become a trending topic on Twitter.