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Blake Palmer was born and raised in los angeles, california. he graduated from fullerton college with a degree in graphic design and illustration. he has overcome many obstacles in life including dyslexia. blake works as a full-time graphic designer and currently resides in northern utah where he enjoys all that utah has to offer. blake is a man of many talents: painter, awesome mustache wearer, illustrator, photographer, bmx super star, restorer of vintage cars, metal sculptor, craftsman, and clothing designer. blake likes to use different mediums. he works with acrylic paints, vintage wallpaper, wax, fabric, metal, xerox transfers, charcoal, pencil, chalk and whatever he can get his hands onto. I like using a layering process in my art. My work has a graphic design feel to it. I try to use elements I have learned from working in a print shop: building with layers, transparencies, etc. My main subject matter is women because they are strong to me. Most of my images of women are a see-through silhouette. I use a lot of different techniques in my art and it is a long process of reacting to what I am creating in the moment. contact_ telephone_ 801 510 0815 mailbox_ web_

Located at Tony Caputos: 314 W 300 South - click below for directions

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