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Blowing Smoke


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On Feb. 28, during a debate on the House floor on House Bill 112, sponsor Rep. Paul Ray insinuated that members of the electronic-cigarette industry had misled him on their support of his bill. As the only industry representative that  Ray has met with this session, this could not be further from the truth.

The Utah Vapers has attempted to meet with Ray for three out of the past four years in which he has been sponsoring bills to control the electronic-cigarette industry in Utah. During this period, we have had one formal meeting, lasting just shy of one hour, and one 15-minute meeting in the foyer of the House building prior to a 2014 interim session.

His claims that he has worked with the industry simply are not accurate, and his statements during the Feb. 28 session were insulting.

His final summation and post-session statement that he is going to continue to try to further modify the bill before it is presented to the Senate are reminiscent of a toddler throwing a temper tantrum who goes to the other parent to get his way. We find these actions conduct unbecoming of an elected leader, and those of one who acts based on a personal vendetta rather than for the public.

Aaron Frazier
Founder, Utah Vapers Association
West Valley