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Blue Xmas

Eight last-minute stocking-stuffers for the distraught Democrat in your life:


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8. The West Wing Virtual Reality Experience, with VR glasses and President Jed Bartlet body pillow (Best Buy, $299).
7. Skip-Ahead-to-2021 “Kittens & Komrades” desk/bunker calendar (Target, $13.99).
6. Pumpkin Spice ‘n’ St. John’s Wort Blend coffee K-Cup 24-pack (Starbucks, $18.99).
5. “Paul Krugman Comfort Beard” tear-absorbent fuzzy yoga mat (Lululemon, $59.99).
4. Revolting: A Compendium of Katy Perry’s Election Night Tweets coffee-table book (Barnes & Noble, $79.99).
3. Guest certificate for Canadian timeshare with Lena Dunham, Raven Symone and Ne-Yo
(, $9,999.99).
2. Autographed photo from the President-elect of Utah, Evan McMullin (, $9.99).
1. Bernie Sanders-shaped Gummy Xanax 400-count pill bottle (Whole Foods, $49.99).


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