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Bluff & 9th & 9th


Most apartment buildings in Salt Lake City have more residents than Bluff, Utah (pop 350), but they could be in the same legislative district. What do Bluff and and 9th and 9th in SLC have in common?

Austen Diamond: Starbucks isn’t welcome in either. Plus, don’t they both have dueling gelato and Hawaiian ice cream shops on the same block?

Scott Renshaw: They are both places where the individual likely to end up representing them in Congress will probably never want to go.

Derek Carlisle: They all have something from Patagonia in their closets, but the folks from Bluff have actually used theirs for camping.

Bryan Mannos: My last apartment had a fair amount of elderly folk, lobby loungers who made it difficult to slip out the door without feeling obligated to hear the same stories about meeting Joe DiMaggio and his wife Marilyn.  I imagine it’s the same in Bluff. But, now that I mention it, I miss my daily visit with “Cal.”

Susan Kruithof: Perhaps all the people of Bluff want to move to 9th and 9th.  And now, through the miracle of redistricting, the two shall meet in the cosmic folding of space known as Utah politics as usual.  Or as I like to call it, complete bullshit. 

Rachel Scott: Absolutely nothing! And that’s the way Utah’s government wants it. Destroy the liberal, progressive “sinner” strongholds!

Dan Nailen: They’re both great places to visit. From Bluff, you can see the Navajo Nation across the San Juan River in Arizona. From 9th and 9th you can see, well, um, Great Clips!

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