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Bob Bennett's Terms of Service


Like an alcoholic who last acknowledged his addiction during sober moments years ago, U.S. Senate candidate Bob Bennett promised in 1992 that if elected, he would serve for only 12 years. Now in his 17th year as Utah’s junior senator and seeking another six, some fellow Republicans are hoping to 86 Bennett like a stumbling wino at a bar [see “Republicans Against Bob Bennett,” Dec. 16].

Online commenter NewLook claimed author Katherine Biele’s use of the phrase “Elder Statesman” is not accurate when describing Bennett, because he “isn’t really honest.”

“He is already on his third, and now, at the age of 76, wants a fourth term,” NewLook wrote. “This is exactly why people are against incumbents, regardless of party. They speak out of both sides of their mouths.”

On that note, online commenter Indy wrote, “I’ll agree with [Republican challenger] Tim Bridgewater on at least one thing: term limits.”

Rant Control thinks public financing of elections is superior to term limits. Like hazing a fraternity pledge, perhaps the most corrupting process in politics today is the pre-election fundraising orgy. Before elected officials take office, corporate, union and party power have corroded their virtues. Unless you want each new rookie to be freshly bought by moneyed interests, a better solution is to ban all private money from elections so that votes have more influence than dollars.

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