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What gets a rise out of your dog?



A) people at the door?

B) screaming children?

C) strangers?

D) some one walking

with a limp?

E) a person with a hat or a beard?

How about...

F) all of the above?

How do you suppose your halloween visitors appear to your dog? And, to add further insult...they get treats!

Then there are the random neighborhood shenanigans: lighting fireworks, smashing pumpkins, teepeeing treetops, etc. I imagine for some dogs, this is a holliday that trumps 4th of July and Pioneer Day combined.

Keep your pets safely indoors during the Halloween festivities. Find a cozy spot for them away from outdoor pranksters and trick or treaters. Maybe a meaty bone or a stuffed kong while they are lying comfortably in their crate is a good option. And if possible, give them a special treat every time the doorbell rings. It may make those giggly ghosts and growly goblins a little easier to bear! 

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