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Breaking Bad, John Carter

New DVDs Tuesday, June 5


Breaking Bad - SONY
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Breaking Bad: Season 4
Forced deeper into the meth biz with Gus, Walt steps up his (ill-conceived) plans to get out while Jesse becomes even more of a dick and Hank closes in. Catch up now before—shameless plug—True TV presents Season 5 at Brewvies, starting July 15. (Sony)

John Carter
Ex-military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is mysteriously transported to Mars and dropped right in the middle of a Martian war that only he can resolve with his human wits and pecs. Disney only has to sell 3 billion of these to break even. (Disney)

Act of Valor
When Navy SEALs are dispatched to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative (Roselyn Sánchez), they discover a terrorist conspiracy that threatens the world and, more importantly, ‘Merica. Based on true events that never happened. (Relativity)

A boxer (Casey T. Evans) beats up a bookie and disappears to Bangkok, then falls in love with a hooker (Bai Ling, of course) who was planted by a gangster (Tom Arnold, of course) who wants him for underground fighting (of course). (Arc)

Metal Evolution
The 11-part series that details the origins, rise and split of heavy metal into 26 subgenres over four centuries(!). Excellent series, despite a grunge misstep, devoting more time to Limp Bizkit than Pantera and ignoring Spörk entirely. (VH1)

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