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Bring the Smart Kids to Utah



Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I adopted a 14-month-old girl from a South Korean orphanage. Last week, we watched our beloved daughter graduate with a PhD in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (a Top 10 school in chemistry).

Stacey Carrier is the senior student in charge of a lab with a red light above the door and a big sign saying, “Danger! Uncontained Laser Light!”

“I torture atoms and watch them scream,” Stacey says. Her work may help lead to methods for controlling air-pollution and global warming.

As I consider my beautiful daughter, I shiver at what might have been lost—and is lost—if we deny the children of undocumented workers access to a higher education. We should actively recruit the brightest students worldwide and fast-track them to citizenship. There are other Staceys out there!

Roger E. Carrier

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