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Brophy Provides a Smile



I have known John Paul Brophy for over a quarter century, from memorable nights at the Dead Goat Saloon (a club Brophy used to own and operate) listening to live blues music. That is about the same length of time I’ve known John Saltas, from the early days of publishing this unique newspaper. However, my observation here is about the first John. Not only is he an excellent proofreader—more correctly, a line editor—but he is also a first-rate writer.

His column about his brother who gave of himself regarding a request from a fan and, later on in life, received an unexpected reward from that very person, was an inspiring read [“Lucky Strikes,” Feb. 21, City Weekly]. In the April 4 issue, John Paul wrote a column titled “Judge Not” [City Weekly] about some firsthand experiences about people he (and we) encounter in our daily life. Love the phrase: “ I’m going out among ’em.” Like the column about his brother, this also brought out the good of some people and left the reader feeling a little better about how things should be as we interact with our fellow man.

Thanks, John Paul Brophy. You no longer bring us the blues, but your human-interest stories provide a smile and are appreciated just as much.

Cottonwood Heights