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Burned By Love



Have you ever been burned by love?

Paula Saltas: I thought I married a sugar daddy ... but then he went into the newspaper business.

Colin Wolf: I’ve never been burned by love, per se. But I’ve been consistently burned by my love for Hot Pockets. That last 30 seconds in the microwave is the difference between an iceberg and a lava pit.

Scott Renshaw: The only way not to be burned by love is not to love. Wait, can I trademark that and put it on coffee mugs before I send it out to the world?

Rachel Scott: Who hasn’t! I’ve been through some horrible breakups, but I’m just glad that I learned from my bad decisions and found someone who is absolutely awesome.

Alissa Wells: Met a guy on LDSMingle.com. He was about to go on a mission; we did the whole, “Will you wait for me?” bull. Waited two years. While planning the wedding, he comes home, tells me I am the perfect girl but the wrong race—he fell in love with the Hispanic culture. He’s now married to a white girl who has a baby from a previous relationship.

Michael Barclay: One of my exes who I lived with (stupidly) shared a credit card with me. It was in my name. I broke up with her and she ended up maxing out the $1,000 limit in Vegas in one day. I never heard from her again and had to pay down the card myself for all of her alcohol and gambling. Blah.

Kolbie Stonehocker: I had an ex-boyfriend refuse to give any of my stuff back after we split, even after I’d carefully packed up all his crap and gotten it back to him. My brother was really helpful and went to my ex’s house to break his knees get my stuff, but my favorite hoodie was never to be found. I got to keep our cat, though.

Rachel Piper: I once went out to a party without my caring husband along. Without him telling me it was a good time to stop taking shots, I wandered home (via Trax) and somehow managed to burn my arm on a straightener I’d left on that morning.