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Call of Duty

Thursday May 6 - Sunday May 13



The current show at Art Access II pairs artists EJ Curry from Salt Lake City and Carlos Perez of New York City, both of whom use art to come to terms with authority, race, stereotyping and relationships through their unique social-realist commentary. These two artists’ approaches to their subjects could not be more different, both approaching reality in a very abstract way.

Curry’s whimsical, symbolic and metaphorical work uses humor and irony to address issues of power and control that are imbedded behind layers of visual puns. The viewer can only guess at what his authentic artistic and life vision consists of but one gets the feeling that this work conceals intense pessimism behind neon colors, abstract motifs and comical characters. “Too Cool Dentist” (pictured) is an example of this. The work of Perez is more honest and direct. One of his paintings, "Mother and Child," is sensitive and sincere. His abstracted depictions of life in New York City are rooted in issues of ethnicity, identity and materialism.

Call of Duty @ Art Access II Gallery, 230 S. 500 West, 801-328-0703, through May 13.

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