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Campo di Bocce, Smashburger, Whole Food Market


City Weekly reader and dining enthusiast John Wilkerson knows I have a soft spot for bocce. He’s discovered my dream restaurant. He writes, “I partied at Campo di Bocce in Livermore, California, on Saturday night. They have eight bocce lanes: four inside, four outside (on the east side of the building} with restaurant tables scattered throughout the facility. Our party of eight made restaurant reservations for 7 p.m. and reserved a bocce campo for 9 p.m., for 90 minutes. The food was forgettable chicken Marsala and whatnot, with pretty good desert. But the capper to the evening was bowling bocce.” Know anybody interested in starting a restaurant with a kicker? (

City Weekly staffer Lia Pretorius is crazy about Smashburger. She says, upon tasting her first Smashburger: “Ok, so, I never eat like this but it was free and I’ve been active and I was curious.... What a yummy burger!!! The meat even looked like actual ground beef, smashed to a burger shape and not an ultra-compressed meat food product. It’s much like you’d make at home (minus the whole-wheat bun, leaner meat and soy cheese). Seriously, that Smashburger (1028 E. 2100 South and 3513 S. 2700 West) was delicious, and well worth loosening the calorie/fat restriction for a minute or two.”

City Weekly music editor and KRCL’s morning disc jockey Jamie Gadette is a vegetarian who’s into sausage. She says, “I recently discovered these tasty little salmon sausages at Whole Foods Market (1131 E. Wilmington Ave). The smoked jalapeno variety is a perfect complement to roasted potatoes with rosemary and dill. Bake the taters in some olive oil then toss with the sausages. Serve with crusty garlic bread. Delicious.”

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