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Capt. Bone Spurs

Taking a Gander: What's Sen. Mike Lee smoking?



Tell me I read it wrong! Did Mike Lee really compare Donald Trump to Captain Moroni, storied to be the greatest military leader in the Book of Mormon and a veritable giant of goodness among his people?

Lee's highly criticized remarks were made to an Arizona election rally, where he was stumping for Trump. He addressed the crowd, calling on Mormons and Christians, while drawing the comparison of Moroni and Trump, noting how Moroni never sought power, praise or honor, and was committed only to the cause of freedom for his people.

I don't know about you, but Lee's latest outburst makes me think he is in the advanced stages of dementia. The other possibility, of course, is that he's discovered hallucinogens and is overdoing it. Then again, he may be in need of inpatient mental health intervention.

As deplorable as Trump is seen by many patriotic Americans, there are still those Trumpers who think POTUS has redeeming traits. That is, at least, conceivable, but few—if any—would think Trump is a man of character, compassion, wisdom or maturity.

Any devout follower of Mormonism should have croaked when Mike Lee drew the analogy between Trump and Moroni, and the reality is that many Mormons have spoken out, even describing Lee's analogy as a blasphemy against God

There's a reason why a golden likeness of Moroni has topped the tallest spire of every Mormon temple. As the story goes, he was valiant and fearless, placing a greater value on his people's freedom than on his own life. He led an army of 10,000 and was successful enough as a strategist to return every one of those warriors to their families unharmed. After his death, Mormons believe Moroni became the protector of the golden plates, finally releasing them to the care of Joseph Smith, who claimed to have translated them from their original language.

I did a little research, and the Book of Mormon never mentions that Moroni feigned bone spurs so he wouldn't be confused with the losers and suckers who went out to fight. No, Moroni actually got out there, in front of his troops, and led them to victory. Now, that's leadership!

There are also no references to Moroni grabbing pussies or frolicking with hookers, nor was he ever accused of being an adulterer, rapist, child molester or con man.

And honesty? That was one of Moroni's highest priorities, and he never tried to cheat those he served. All accounts show him as a figure of universal reverence among his people. Of course, he was only human; who knows, he may have even told a white lie or two. Since there were no investigative journalists in the Book of Mormon, we'll never be sure if Moroni had his flaws.

Despite the long-standing tradition of the gilt Moroni balanced on the spires of all Mormon temples, the Mormon Church has lately announced that its newest temples will not be crowned with such trumpeting statues. Perhaps, however, if Mike Lee holds any sway, a rose-gold Trump will be perched on the spires instead. Undoubtedly, Lee will be pleased and find it absolutely fitting that Capt. Bone Spurs should be elevated to such a height.

Moroni is credited with saying:"I seek not for power, but to pull it down. I seek not for honor of the world, but for the glory of my God, and the freedom and welfare of my country." Yes, you need to read this again and ask yourself how Lee could have been so confused. We have a president who, not only seeks power and praise but is willing to sacrifice his own country to be liked by its enemies.

Totally unabashed about his adoration of Trump, Lee has shown, over and over, that he cares more about some possible presidential appointment than being straight and honest with the despot in the White House. Mike Lee is not stupid, but you'd never know it from his endless stream of POTUS praises. In doing so, he disgraces himself, his religion, his state and his senatorial responsibility. While he may have had a soul before, it's apparent he sold out to the highest bidder—and we know who that is. But he's so clueless, he can't figure out why his nose is brown.

Lee's not on the ballot this year, but all Utahns, regardless of party, need to remember—when 2022 comes around—how this senator compromised his integrity for a mess of pottage.

The author is a novelist, columnist and former Vietnam-era Army assistant public information officer. He resides in Riverton with his wife, Carol, and the beloved ashes of their mongrel dog.