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Care Bears, The Cleaner, Iron Maiden: Flight 666, Strike & Z Rock

New DVD Releases June 9



Care Bears: Telltale Tummies

Grumpy and Grizzle investigate a string of gruesome murders wherein a serial killer who’s terrorizing Rainshine Meadows cuts into victims’ stomachs and extracts sunshine, rainbows and vital organs. Based on a true cartoon. (


The Cleaner: Season 1

The only anti-drug series on cable: A recovering addict (Benjamin Bratt) helps others get clean through extreme measures, tough love and menacing facial hair. At least it keeps Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica) employed. (


Iron Maiden: Flight 666
British metal vets Iron Maiden play 23 concerts on five continents in 45 days, flying in a custom Boeing 757 piloted by singer Bruce Dickinson—all of which sounds suspiciously like a lost episode of Metalocalypse. (


Two slacker buds and their slutty girlfriend (slutty Tara Reid) don bad wigs and costumes and take the professional bowling world by storm. Not to be confused with the identical-sounding 1996 bowling comedy Kingpin, not at all. (


Z Rock: Season 1
Brooklyn rockers ZO2 (played by Brooklyn rockers ZO2) chase stardom while paying the bills as a kids’ band by day; hilarity, guest stars (including Dave Navarro, Sebastian Bach and Dave Attell) and much groupie nudity ensue. (

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