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Carriage Horses Have It Good



I have been in the horse business since 1966. It has been my life, and not just in Utah; I am proud to say that my experience is extensive and well-respected.

People who have never seen a horse with colic, or know nothing about horses, would be alarmed to see what happened to Jerry downtown in his carriage. But with not knowing what a colic situation looks like, they also would not know that these horses are well cared for and do not have an extremely difficult job. And where would the horses go if they shut down the carriage companies?

Many of the horses they use were originally rescue cases saved from slaughter. If they close down the carriage businesses, these healthy, well-cared-for horses would most likely end up on the killer trucks.

Please allow the carriages to continue their business in downtown SLC, and other locations, for, if nothing else, the continued good care of these horses. They are well fed, have shelter, have fly and insect control, and proper veterinary care, including inoculations, farrier and grooming. Their needs are well-met, probably much better than most privately owned horses. One case of colic does not abuse make.

And, just a note: PETA does not always look at the big picture. I believe that PETA thinks there are green pastures everywhere for unwanted, crippled, old and dying horses. This is not the case.